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On April 23, 2022 at 4PM at St. Agnes Catholic Church of Key Biscayne we had a Mass for Manny. The mass is live cast on St Agnes' Youtube Channel. The link that follows allows you to share the mass with us.


  After the Catholic Mass the family and friends moved to the Key Biscayne Beach Club for the Celebration of Life. See the video below.


Eulogy (Eng) (Sp)


Read at the Celebration of Life:

  Letter Alfredo De Basa (Eng) (Sp)

  Letter Leonor Torres (Eng) (Sp)

  Letter Silvia de Jongh (Eng) (Sp)

See the scattering of the Ashes Video below.

   Reading at the scattering of the ashes (Sp) (Eng)

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