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Alfredo DeBasa Letter   March 14, 2022


Hi Cousin,

Last night I tried to talk to you for a few minutes, but I imagine you
were busy. Then I was able to talk for a long time with Mimi and she
filled me in on all the plans. I've been watching the documentary they
did on Manny and where you also appear. I've shed a lot of tears. And
I know I will continue to post many more. Every moment I shared with
you comes to mind. I wouldn't have 3 lifetimes to be able to thank you
and Manny for all your help over the years. How much love poured into
our lives for you!! We would never have been on this side and we would
never have enjoyed so many things if it had not been for that generous
hand of yours. You have no idea how much I appreciate them. He wanted
to talk to Manny before he left, but he didn't want it to sound like
goodbye. In my heart was always the hope of a recovery. It hurts me
greatly not to have been able to be there with you like many others.
It's beautiful to see how you and Manny managed to keep the family
together, which was shown in the difficult moment.

In my house, when I was a child and teenager, they told me a lot about
Manny, that they had given him a test in his childhood and that
according to his answers, Manny entered the category of genius. I
remember as if it were now when I met you during your visit to Cuba at
the end of 1997. I was impressed by the way you were, I had the false
concept that maybe you would see yourself as a little distant
Americans, but I discovered that you were more Cuban than me. That was
shocking to me. That night, when you took us back home, it was very
difficult for me to fall asleep trying to process everything that my
eyes had seen and my ears had heard. And then I remember he writes
Manny a letter and mails it to him. I think he received it. At that
point I had no way to connect with him by e-mail.

With you we have lived unforgettable moments, many of them among the
best of our lives, without a doubt. I can't even imagine the pain you
may be experiencing. You don't know how much we feel all this. And we
keep praying for you, Daniel, Adrian and other members of the family.

I plan to watch the documentary many more and more times. As a child I
knew that Manny was a genius, but he was so simple that no one could
imagine all the potential that was in him. I knew that IBM used his
invention, but I confess that it never crossed my mind how great all
that was. More than 7,000 companies use it and there is no application
today that competes with TM1 in speed, scalability and potential for
business modeling. Speechless.

Now I remember his admission to the Mercy Hospital, with how much
calm, equanimity and courage he faced that difficult moment! I
remember that he told me: “Penco, I'm not afraid of the bald guy”.
Always positive. Manny was an arsenal of virtue. We will all miss him
very much. I assure you that in my heart you will always be present
and so will you, until the time comes to close my eyes.

Flashing through my mind are memories of my great-aunt Pepolla, who
not only raised Manny but me as well. They told me that Manny was
passing by my house to visit Aunt Pepolla. That was when Manny was
studying at “Los Maristas” School where he said that he had spent the
worst years of his life. My mom used to tell me that Manny loved Uncle
Alfredo, my grandfather, very much. And that he was very mischievous
and he used to hang the chickens on the strings with forks, that's
tremendous! LOL. I remember Manny talking about my grandfather Alfredo
and my grandmother Amparo.

I thank God very much for Manny's life, I will always treasure in my
soul his affectionate way of calling me: Asere, aseroco, penco,
pencon... and anything else that occurred to him. Those words sound
like honey to my soul. What one day sounded normal and trivial and
humorous, today it sounds like a legacy, something transcendental. My
soul is full of gratitude.

Of course if they lifted the Vaccine Mandates then I'd go to Manny's
farewell service. I would like to be there with all of you. Now my
eyes are completely covered with tears. I will finish for now. I look
forward to speaking with you a little later. We will continue to pray
that the Lord gives peace to all of us in this difficult moment and
much more to you who have faced everything with such courage and

We love you. Thanks for much love.

The Lord bless you very much. A kiss and we talk soon.

Alfre "El Pencon" and family.

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